New collaborations!

Yesterday was a joyous day of musical togetherness! My ladies choir Dark Sky Voices joined forces for the very first time with Jon Doran’s choir VoiceMale to perform a brilliant new choral work written by Jenny Mahler, commissioned by Kielder Water and Forest Park. ‘The Kielder Chorale’ an energetic, descriptive song about all the wonderful things in the forest, was quite a challenge for both choirs to sing but with lots of hard work, we pulled it off, coming together as a four-part choir for a rehearsal an hour before the performance! Better still I got to conduct it!!
It’s been great working with Jenny in the run up to this performance. Hopefully we can find more opportunities to work together in future years to come. You can read more about Jenny and her music at

Sixpence on May Day Classical Mixtape on BBC Radio 3!

It’s May Day and I’m absolutely chuffed to bit to have my recording of ‘Sing a Song of Sixpence’ included in tonight’s ‘Classical Mixtape’ on BBAC Radio 3! It was first up in a specially selected choice of BBC Introducing recordings by Helen Garrison Producer at Radio 3. Thank you for that!